When a relationship is breaking down, there can be a sense of chaos.  Rather than a single problem, there are usually many complicated issues.  Important decisions are needed about children as well as living and financial arrangements at a time when most people can’t even think straight.

  • Where will the children live, and what level of child support is reasonable?
  • What contact will children have with each parent, and how about grandparents and extended family?
  • What standard of living is appropriate for the parties?
  • How is a property settlement achieved?
  • Is it necessary to sell the family home?
  • What happens to superannuation entitlements?
  • What happens to family trusts, businesses and investments?
  • How are decisions made about medical, dental and educational matters?
  • Who pays for any private school fees?
  • Is it necessary to formalise arrangements when there is no argument?
  • What is involved in getting a divorce?
  • What happens when family violence is involved?
  • What is the situation for people separating from de facto relationships?
  • What are Binding Financial Agreements, and are they really binding?

There is an understandable fear of the unknown.

Many people see the need for high quality advice but fear that when they see a lawyer, they will become caught up in an expensive process they don’t understand or control.  Johnston Family Law will guide you through a stressful period and help you get your life back on track with practical legal advice.

Achieving an outcome through negotiation is always preferred, but sometimes a Court date is either forced upon you or is necessary to achieve a fair outcome.  Rather than just react to the circumstances, knowing your options enables you to make decisions with confidence and to move forward.

A reasonable approach to legal fees enables clients to concentrate on their concerns rather than becoming stressed over the cost of every email.

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